I founded the Fired Up Pizza Company in 2014. As a fireman by trade, it was a natural fit to combine my knowledge of fire and my passion for pizza to create this unique catering concept.


Fired Up is designed to reconnect people with the process that creates the food they are enjoying. From the moment guests arrive, everything reinforces the value of the unique, celebrates the craft, and honors our commitment to quality.

Our mobile kitchen allows guests to observe the transformation of simple ingredients into a transcendent meal. They can feel the heat from the wood burning oven where the Pizzaiolo rhythmically performs the culinary rites as the pizza is cooked at an astounding 1000 degrees. Finally the pizza exits the oven ready to be enjoyed as it should be, with authentic taste and texture, fresh from the oven.


When food is graciously and carefully prepared, the diner can not only enjoy the quality of the food, but also experience a connection to the people and processes that produced it... and that is the mission of Fired Up Pizza... to reconnect us to the food we eat, its preparation, and the familial enjoyment that the sharing of food can provide.

Greg Schlitt

Owner/Chief Pizzaiolo

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